inventory management 2

With material supply a daily concern for production operations a dependable and well integrated supply-chain partner is critical.

STOCK is an experienced player managing the inventory supply of numerous processors in an on-going manner. Sourcing both locally and internationally, our supply-chain management activities will reduce your inventory carrying costs and reduce your demands on physical space.

We build long-term alliances and develop the value-chain advantages and JIT service that modern industry requires. Our contributions include an effective planning system, a large warehousing capacity, a QC auditing and intervention layer, global product choices, and advanced technical expertise – all within easy local access.

Take advantage of:

  • Horizontal integration approaches with strategic partners
  • Effective inventory and warehouse management
  • Established quality control procedures following ISO models
  • Auditing and intervention measures in place
  • Global supply-chain network and reputable partners
  • Large choice of products and advanced technical expertise

STOCK’S management is proud to include APICS Certified Supply Chain Professionals and to apply APICS core approaches to its everyday operations.