STOCK offers a compostable, non-coated pulp food packaging solution.

Food grade packaging, made from plant-based pulp (by product), is 100% natural and 100% compostable.

Packaging can be used for:

Hot, Wet, Greasy Foods

Will not leak

Will not absorb liquids or oils

Conventional and microwave safe

Can be heated up to 270°C

Can be frozen as low as -40°C

Sealing properties:

Suitable for all types sealing machines

Compatible lidding films: PE, laminated PE, PLA and more

‘Easy Peel’

Compatible with both compostable and conventional films

Oxygen Transfer Rate:

OTR >109 cc/m²

Breathable product

High barrier flow pack can be applied when high barrier is required

Custom Design

Tell us what you need. STOCK will custom design single-use packaging solutions to suit your product.

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Good for the environment; reduce amount of waste in landfills; less energy to manufacturer reducing green-house emission in the atmosphere