MAP Gas Analyser

Gas Analyser

Mobile alternative

Ideal instrument for sample tests

Carbon dioxide analyzer and /or Oxygen analyzer


STOCK offer a complete range of Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) products and services.

Backed by its expertise and the most up to date technologies STOCK brings you optimal shelf life performance.


Cordless hand held oxygen or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer for verifying modified atmosphere (MAP) in food packs. The ideal instrument for portable, fast and accurate sample testing.

A cost effective mobile alternative to tabletop / fixed analyzers.

Ensure that the quality of packaged product is maintained (HACCP), guaranteeing continued customer satisfaction.

The ideal instrument for sample tests with a minimum sample gas requirement, allowing the smallest of modified atmosphere packages (MAP) to be tested.

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Standard and Custom-made containers that fit the right machine. Our designers can tailor the right container for your products.