Stand up pouches provide many different packaging opportunities:

  • Able to stand up on the shelves, offering an optimum visual impact resulting in a maximum sales impact.
  • An environmentally friendly product, using 75 % less plastic than a rigid container. Being shipped folded flat before filling means great savings on freight and storage space, both before and after use.
  • Suitable for most of your food packaging: cookies, sweet treats, cereals, frozen food, pasta, coffee, seafood, rice, sauces, soups, beverages, etc.
  • But also used for packaging soap, powder, chemical and medical products, hardware and much more.

STOCK offers clear standard barrier and high barrier stand up pouches that are constructed from quality laminations. They feature a re-closable zipper and a tear notch. Their clarity is excellent and perfect for merchandising product that needs to be viewed through the pouch or they also come in different standard colors.

Custom projects welcomed. Stand out from the competition by putting your own twist on the design.

Package Features

  • Various zipper styles with tear notches
  • Vents & valves
  • Microwave & steam-in-bag features
  • Die-cut & rigid spouts
  • Die-cut & rigid handles


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